Snitch - fast-paced bluffing game by Slight Games

The Game

 8+ 10-20 mins3-5 | 2 games 3-10

You and your scheming friends are running a gang, dispatching professional thieves to complete heists across The Metropolis. Be careful though, one of them may be a Snitch! Your goal is to gain the most loot: either by working together or snitching on your fellow thieves!

Can you trust your friends?

The Gameplay

Over 8 rounds, you will compete to earn the most loot. Each round, a heist is chosen. To gain loot, you can choose to cooperate with your rivals or betray them.

Completing heists requires certain gang members (say, a Driver, a Lockpick and a Muscle). Each player must contribute a gang member, so that collectively the goal is reached. This will require negotiation, and some trust!

Each round:

  • The gang leader chooses how many goal cards to draw
  • Each player secretly plays one character card

All cards are then revealed simultaneously. Either:

  • the goal cards are matched: the heist succeeds and contributing players win loot!
  • otherwise, the heist fails and anyone who played a Snitch earns loot!

You have a limited hand of each gang member, including Snitches, so select them wisely!

Meet The Gang

The Lookout

Savvy and streetwise - The Lookout may look inconspicuous, but she's always one step ahead of trouble. The gang can rely on her to make sure the heist goes without a hitch, and nobody ends up in jail!


The Con Artist

Smooth, suave, and slick - The Con Artist is the sort of guy who could sell ice to the Eskimos. He's a charmer all-right, and once he's picked his mark, he'll have them eating out of the palm of his hand in no time.


The Muscle

So it's a fight you're after? Well, you've picked the wrong guy. The Muscle is someone you want to be on the wrong side of, that's for sure! But if you need some 'persuasion' on the job, look no further.


The Lockpick

Locked doors and security? Please. The Lockpick's nimble hands will make short work of all that! And if all else fails... there's always her crowbar.


The Driver

The Driver has been around the block a few times, and he knows the roads like the back of his hand. If push comes to shove, he'll have no trouble losing the cops.


The Snitch

Last, and least, it's The Snitch. Good law-protecting citizen, or cowardly betrayer? That's for you to decide, but the rest of the gang sure aren't going to be happy if he shows up!


About us

We're a small group of friends from London who are big fans of board games. We have played and designed games together since university and now we're on a journey to launch and publish our games!

Robert Crowter-Jones
Michael Brown
Sean Micklethwaite
Hai Mac